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LIVE and Call-In

Talk radio engaging in discussions and providing informed knowledge of contemporary world  political events and issues. Presentation of ideas, research and scholarship as a basis of analysis.  Informed dialogue, hosted by knowledgeable and experienced voices. This is serious talk radio, focusing on TALK THAT MATTERS.

 The Black Voice Collaborative on Blog Talk Radio. Presenting some of the best more concise voices which examine, analyze and explore issues about and for the Black community.  From insightful and in-depth with scholars and activist to authentic discussion about organizational and individual change; our spirit and spirtual barometors; our place in the global village;   Black families, relationships and children, the hip-hop swagger of Black politics and event; and, commonsense, hard-hitting “just damn push-back political smackdown” . . .

TruthWorks Network Radio Broadcast Schedule

The ALFO ShowALFO logo 6-13

Friday Nights   10 pm ET

Host, ALFO

THE ALFO SHOW provides political Insight, Analysis and Review.

ALFO challenges the weak, knee bending, shadow fearing leadership and politics in America. Every Saturday he is challenging Black people to pick up the mantle.  He provides a scathing critique of racist politicians, corporate controlled and paid for public policy maker and those who support them.

He points out lessons on and about today’s News, Political Events and Newsmaker Personalities.




ALFO ( Duane Alford) lives in Chicago, IL. He is a student of commonsense. Retired and a news junkie. He started his broadcasting career at USTalk Network as one of four hosts of “The Front  Page” . ALFO has been hosting “The ALFO Show” on BlogTalk radio for over a year. He is no stranger to TruthWorks Network, he has been hosting “The Mo’ ALFO Show” each Saturday since May, 2010.

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Mondays   8 pm ET

Mondays 8pm ET and ON-DEMAND

Listen on Line or from you smart device : Truth Studios or call and listen 914-338-1610.

The “Chauncey DeVega Show” is the official podcast for Chauncey Devega and the website “We Are Respectable Negroes” The format is simple: The Chauncey DeVega Show is a relaxed conversation with smart and interesting guests from backgrounds as varied as the arts and letters, cultural workers and musicians, social scientists and other academics, journalists, as well as Hollywood actors and directors.

chauncey 2

Chauncey DeVega is a race man in progress, Black pragmatist, ghetto nerd, cultural critic and essayist. He is the editor and founder of the cerebral, informed and sometimes funny but always insightful blog, “We Are Respectable Negroes”. He is the host of the podcast known as “The Chauncey DeVega Show”. He is smart, brave and unapologetic in all his brilliance.

He has been a guest on the BBC, Ring of Fire Radio, Ed Schultz, Make it Plain, Joshua Holland’s Alternet Radio Hour, the Thom Hartmann radio show, the Burt Cohen show, and Our Common Ground with Janice Graham, and has appeared on the RT Network and Free Speech TV.

His writings have been featured by Salon, Alternet, The New York Daily News, and regularly featured on “The Daily Kos”.

His work has been referenced by MSNBC, as well as online magazines and publications such as The Atlantic, Slate, The Week, The New Republic, Buzzfeed, The Daily Beast, The Washington Times, The Nation, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Judge him by his enemies. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Juan Williams, Herman Cain, Alex Jones, World Net Daily, Twitchy, the Free Republic, NewsBusters, the Media Research Council, Project 21, and Weasel Zippers who have made it known that they do not like me very much. If you seek an analysis of the facts in a fusion of intelligent observation and alternative views , you might become a friend. We judge him by both, and you will too.

Learn more about The Chauncey Devega Show and We Are Respectable Negroes here:


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TWN Broadcasts ON-DEMAND

 SOUL EMERGENCE RADIO with Peter E. Matthews



Making  humanity human again


Tuesdays   9 pm ET

“Truth for Our Youth: Teen Self-Empowerment” A Radio Workshop Series

Hosted by Agyei Tyehimba, Author, Activist and Educator




A Six-Week LIVE Workshop Series
Workshop based upon the acclaimed book. These workshops will provide information about the process of creating Self-Empowering Youth; and, providing guidance to the adults in their lives for leadership on that journey.
agyei tyehimbabookcover
The author, Agyei Tyehimba will guide listeners to the critical chapters and information of this valuable book, answer questions and make suggestions about how listener can create opportunity and space for young people to learn from the book.

“Truth for Our Youth: Teen Self-Empowerment”
A Six Week Workshop based on the book.

Wednesdays    8 pm ET  LIVE and Call-In

Call In to Ask Questions or Add to the Discussion 914-338-1610

The six-week live workshop series guidance and understanding of how to mentor Black teens to explore their lives for self-empowerment and love of community. To raise a nation of Black youth to cope with their world; navigate the negatives and struggles; and, build and nurture their successes. Utilizing the book, ” Truth For Our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens”, the series reviews critical information, tools and resources. This live broadcast is intended for adults who work with teen, community activists, young people and parents.
Listeners are encouraged to read the book as part of the preparation for the broadcast.  Purchase the book

“Truth for Our Youth: Teen Self-Empowerment”
A Six Week Workshop based on the book.

Each episode will cover central chapters of the book. Explaining how they can be used in working with teens or conducting your own workshop.

Ample time for listeners to call in to ask questions or comment.

Workshop Leader:
Host, Author ^ Educator ^ Activist
Agyei Tyehimba
For Adult Activist, Teens, Parents
Open Chatroom with each episode.





Soul AFIRE with Dr. Matthew V. Johnson


Soul AFire is a new and urgent broadcast experience . . . Soul Afire.  The live talk radio program is hosted by Dr. Matthew V. Johnson, Sr. The call-in program Inspires and Incites the personal spirit to come alive and reach for the fire within. Whether your life moves in the nests of tumbleweed against desert dryness or flows quietly in the sanctuary of lush foliage of a tropical riverbed, you live by the realm a claimed or neglected human spirit.  Soul Afire is about the human Spirit and how it navigates Blackness. The program will feature Dr. Johnson’s weekly commentary, “Spirit Matters”.

                     From Matters of Religion to Matters of Politics…Spirit Matters

Soul Afire is as Ed Blum described Dr. Johnson’s book, ” The Tragic Vision of African American Religion ” is a radio talk program looking into, around, over, and beneath African American religious experiences and employing insights from modern psychology and philosophy, he provides a new perspective on black religion; he shows how, amid their sorrows and sadness, black men and women have created faith. From their tragic experiences, they found visions of God and community, visions that haunt and help every day.”

About Reverend Dr.  Matthew V. Johnson

 Author    Scholar    Pastor

Matthew V. Johnson, Sr., is a graduate of Morehouse College and earned his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Philosophical Theology from the University of Chicago. He has done post-graduate studies in Psychoanalysis and is a member in training at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. In the ministry for thirty years, Dr. Johnson is the Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd-Baptist located in Atlanta, GA. In the course of a thirty year ministerial and pastoral career, he served three ministries in Greensboro, NC.  He was pastor of United Institutional Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC and was Founder and Pastor of Manasseh Baptist Church.

He is the author of three major theological works.  They include, “The Tragic Vision of African American Religion”, an analysis of African American religious subjectivity and understanding of the religious experience and its theological implications. “The Passion of the Lord: African American Reflections” a book which presents the biblical, historical, and theological roots of African American views, and, mostly recently “Onesimus Our Brother” examining the letter which contains so many of our unconscious assumptions about religion, race, and culture.

“Commentaries On the Times Radio” with Playthell Benjamin




 This weekly program features the best of the writings of Playthell Benjamin with commentary from his renowned virtual magazine, “Commentaries On the Times”

PREMIERING Thursday, February 21, 2013  10 pm ET  LIVE

The program broadcasts Thursday, 10 pm ET.  “Commentaries On the Times“, a compilation of many years of essays, commentary and analysis of world and domestic issues.  They include commentary with carefully researched historical background of the issues of day, including Black history, art, music and current events and people. 

Benjamin brings a scope of 40 years of outstanding journalism and broadcasting to TruthWorks.  As a former pioneer in the development of Black Studies programs and pundit broadcasting, he comes to a microphone with tremendous knowledge, insight and passion.  Of his products, he labels his wordsmith products as, “Praising Saints, Celebrating Heroes, Unmasking Charlatans, Defending the Defenseless and Chastising Scoundrels”. We expect that his show will be no less.

With a lively wit to compliment a broadly learned mind, Playthell is a great guest on television or radio and has shared the mike with some of the biggest host in television, including Geraldo Rivera and Bill Mahr, which can be soon viewed on You Tube. At Present he is completing two books :Quantum shift: Commentaries on the Obama Phenomenon and Jazz at Lincoln Center: Magic Moments In the House Of Swing, a collaboration with the renowned photographer Frank Stewart. Playthell has held a professorship in History/Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts and recently held an adjunct professorship in journalism at  Long Island University.

His essays on music criticism have appeared in a wide variety of publications and his interest range from classical music to Jazz to Latin and Hip hop.  He writes program notes for Jazz at Lincoln center concerts and is an accomplished Latin percussionist who can be viewed playing with the group Zon Del Barrio on You Tube.

Playthell George Benjamin is the producer of “Commentaries On the Times”, which he writes and delivers on WBAI radio in New York City,  and a producer with The Midnight Ravers, a long running show exploring the world of art and politics which has won several radio awards for excellence in programming.   He is an award winning journalist who has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in two different categories: Explanatory Journalism, Village Voice 1988, and Distinguished Commentary, New York Daily News1995.  As part of the production team for The Midnight Ravers, Mr. Benjamin won a 2011 award  for excellence in radio programming,  given for  The Curtis Mayfield Special.

Playthell has won several prizes ranging from The Unity Award presented by the School of communications at Lincoln University in Missouri for distinguished commentary on race relations; the Griot Prize for excellence in covering a story requiring an exploration of African American history and culture: “Who is Listening to LouisFarrakhan?” It was awarded by the New York chapter of the Association of Black Journalist in December 1989.   In 1991 Mr. Benjamin won the NYABJ Magazine Awards for Feature Stories,and in 1996 he won the first Annual Tom Forcade Award “for honesty and accuracy in drug reporting” awarded by High Times magazine for his columns on drug use and abuse in the New York Daily News.

His book, “Witnessing the Motion of History” is expected to publish in the Summer of 2013. His e-magazine covering analysis, commentary and presentation of issues and events is available here:

As a former pioneer in the development of Black Studies programs and pundit broadcasting, he comes to a microphone with tremendous knowledge, insight and passion.  Of his essays and commentaries, he labels these tremendously illuminating wordsmith products as, –

“Praising Saints, Celebrating Heroes, Unmasking Charlatans, Defending the Defenseless and Chastising Scoundrels”.

                . . . Commentaries on the Times Radio will be no less.

Subscribe and Read “Commentaries On the Times”

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On the Web/Program Notes 


TWN Series Programming

















Tuesdays 10 pm ET
TruthWorks Network

The purpose of affirmative action is to give our nation a way to finally address the systemic exclusion of individuals of talent on the basis of their gender, or race from opportunities to develop, perform, achieve and contribute.

But for whom is it reserved ?
Has it been totally eliminated by virtue of public opinion ?

Affirmative action is an effort to develop systematic approach to open the doors of education, employment, and business development opportunities to qualified individuals who happen to be members of groups that have experienced long-standing and persistent discrimination.

We provide an open and informed discussion of these issues and others. A place where you can come and discuss your unique problems of “Working While Black”.

Join us in this vital discussions. Share your personal experiences. Understand your options under the law.

The six-week live program will be hosted by Ricardo Jones, a former Sr. EEOC Investigator at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, with years of experience in dealing with the organizational, legal and cultural issues related to employment discrimination.

TruthWorks Network




 “Black Women in the Prism . . . Unleashing the Power, Fury In the Light

A Series of LIVE Radio Forums in Collaborative Partnership with TruthWorks Network and The Black Women’s Blueprint


“Black Women in the Prism . . . Unleashing the Power, Fury in the Light”

Amplifying the voices of Black women in politics and the Black political agenda. Examining economic equality is the unfinished business of the civil rights struggle; raising the issues of racialized and sexualized criminal justice violence that affect our Sisters. Working to end the invisibility and devaluation of Black women and girls in public spheres, in our homes and in our community. Evaluating our relationships and transforming the way we love each other.

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